AbdarRahman Eatwell doesn't want you to feel bad for not being able to pronounce his name correctly, and then for going back and trying again. He wants to reassure you that most people get it wrong, and that it's actually pronounced Eat-well. But please call him AR. 


So why does a blonde haired, green eyed Englishman have such an unusual name?


Back in his hippy days, AR's father hitch-hiked to Morocco and subsequently fell in love with the Moroccan culture. Many years later, he returned with his wife and young family to start a new life in the Mediterranean, and so AR was given a name that meant he wouldn't stand out as much in his new surroundings. Obviously his parents didn't plan on ever returning to England.

His childhood wasn't all unconventional, however. AR did many normal things too, like reading, playing with Lego, and making rubber band guns to kill mosquitos (patent pending). He is sure that his steady hand and good aim with the camera can be traced back to those days.

The family returned to England in 2000 and AR completed his education here. He went on to study at Chelsea College of Art and Design, and focused his creativity on photography and film.

If there is one characteristic you should know about AR, it's that he is a perfectionist. He sees this as a blessing and a curse, but he wouldn't have it any other way. He is (slowly) learning that striving for excellence is much more sensible than striving for perfection in an imperfect world. 


He likes travelling, Bryan Adams and a tajine with roasted almonds. He dislikes routine, Brussels sprouts, and writing about himself in the third person.


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